The inspiration for Belgian Gelato Inc. came from Belgian chocolate flavors that are world-renowned. Infusing authentic natural Italian gelato with the flavors based on Belgian chocolate is our recipe for success!

Our gelato is meticulously handcrafted daily, in each individual retail shop. The recipes Belgian Gelato uses are truly homemade and have been tenderly created and tested by the founders of Belgian Gelato. We follow the authentic Italian gelato making process and are passionate about the freshness, quality, and natural flavors of our gelato. This commitment to quality and freshness is the foundation of our company’s success.

Belgian Gelato takes pride in the fact that our gelato has less fat and air content with more intense flavor than regular ice cream.

With the addition of our new Belgian Gelato Café concept in Mt. Pleasant, SC, you can enjoy decedent crêpes, authentic Belgian waffles, toasted sandwiches, Gourmet Hot Dogs, Gelato Martinis and much more seated in the timeless cafe or on our sunny patio.

At out Belgian Gelato Cafe, we serve our Gelato on draft. This is our newest and freshest way of serving Gelato. The Gelato gets made in small batches as it gets ordered. Here the gelato does not suffer from heat and humidity shocks. Come try it and taste for yourself the freshness of this amazing new product.