Outstanding Gelato. Outstanding Results

Although many believe that gelato is simply "ice cream" it is in fact a unique product, which the founders of Belgian Gelato Inc. believe offers a greater utility to its consumers. Belgian Gelato has redefined the concept of "fresh" ice cream products. The company serves its gelato products fresh, immediately after blending, which enhances the appeal to the consumer. Belgian Gelato is building a reputation of quality, freshness and innovation that will make it a leader of the traditional artisan ice cream market.

Belgian Gelato opened its first store in spring 2011 in historic downtown Charleston, South Carolina. With our outstanding products and commitment to success, this first shop soon became a favorite among locals and tourists. Driven by the success of the original location, Belgian Gelato is currently in the process of opening numerous new locations across the United States. The future of Belgian Gelato is looking incredibly promising!

With a management team boasting many years of experience in the restaurant business, Belgian Gelato offers comprehensive support to its franchisees, which starts by guiding you through the real estate process of your shop location. We will ensure your location becomes a beautiful shop complete with our interior designs, colors and chic appearance.

The shop operation will be laid out and defined for you, everything from the kitchen procedures, to the gelato production will be presented to you. In order to stay on top of the latest food trends, Belgian Gelato's head gelato chef will keep you up-to-date with new and innovative recipes.

Join us in our success in this simple, yet fast moving industry as a franchise owner! We invite you to contact us directly, as we would enjoy having a one-on-one conservation with you about the endless opportunities that Belgian Gelato has to offer.

Hugo Heule
President, Belgian Gelato Inc.