What is Gelato?

Gelato is a smooth, sweet, cold food prepared fresh and frozen quickly for optimal flavor and intensity. Although many people have the misconception that ice cream and gelato are equivalent products, the two are actually very dissimilar in the fat content, flavor and freshness.

Gelato is different from regular ice cream because it has lower butterfat content. Gelato typically contains 4–8% butterfat, versus the industry standard of 14% butterfat for ice cream. The sugar content in gelato is precisely balanced with the water content to act as an anti-freeze that prevents the gelato from freezing solid.

Ice cream products are churned during the freezing process, which incorporates air into the product. Unlike most commercial ice cream, which contains up to 50% air content, gelato contains only 20–35%. Lower air content results in a denser product with more intense flavors.

Unlike most commercial ice creams, which are frozen continuously in huge assembly line batches, gelato is frozen very quickly in individual small batches. The higher fat content in ice cream allows it to be stored in a freezer for months, which lowers the quality and freshness of the product. Conversely, high-quality artisan gelato holds its peak flavor and smooth texture for just a few days. Therefore, gelato must be made fresh, which improves the flavor and texture of the blend.

Here at Belgian Gelato we stand behind our gelato and all of the superior qualities that it offers to our customers.

The Natural Belgian Flavors:   Sorbet Gelato
Pistachio: Salty and sweet, the best of both worlds.A typical Italian flavor and an all-time customer favorite, made with the highest quality pistachio nuts grown in Central Valley, California.   Lemon: In Italy, gelato shops' are rated according to the quality of their lemon flavor . . . if the lemon flavor is good, all the flavors will be good. So, go ahead we are proud of our lemon gelato!
Stracciatella: A very aromatic sweet cream flavor peppered with dark Belgian Chocolate shavings.   Strawberry: This sorbet gelato is primed with the ripe, red strawberries. You'll love this revitalizing, summer time favorite.
Hazelnut: A traditional flavor that is extensively used in Belgian chocolates and confectionery makes for a true gourmet gelato experience! Delicious imported hazelnuts from Turkey are the true essence of this flavor.   Mango: Made with the best mangoes we can find on the market. The gelato has a refreshing mango perfume and vibrant color.
Belgian Chocolate: The secret is in the finest Belgian chocolate. Our best selling flavor.   Pink Grapefruit: The most invigorating and refreshing flavor! Made only from juicy California pink grapefruits.
Almond Fantasy: This Belgian Gelato original was created around the famed Almond Nougat candy of Montelimar, France.   Yogurt gelato: Worth discovering! Fresh yogurt is prepared following the traditional Italian gelato technique, flavored with sweet cherries or oranges.
Chocolate Praline: Pralines are the most popular type of Belgian filled chocolates and create a rich flavor with hints of hazelnut that will melt in your mouth.   Flavor of the month
Like all our flavors, "The flavor of the month" will be made daily fresh and only with the best natural ingredients. Please ask your scooper.
White Chocolate Praline: A silky smooth white chocolate flavor combined with pieces ofcaramelized hazelnuts and walnuts.    
Crème Caramel: Velvety caramel is swirled through fresh cream and flavoredaccording to thetraditional custard desert.    
Cinnamon Spice: Blended with the traditional Belgian cinnamon coffee cookie,"Speculoos" creates a cool, invigorating gelato that will have you craving more!    
Apple Pie: Comfort food! Traditional homemade apple pie flavors are bursting with every bite.    
Butter Cookie: Rich, sweet butter cookiesunite with decadent Belgian chocolate in perfect harmony.    

Coffee Cappuccino: A creamy gelato blend of fresh brewed Italian coffee and cream, also known as Mocha.

French Vanilla : Pure, sweet, and perfectly creamy!    
Chocolate Cherry: The perfect pair . . . sweet cherries imported from France blended with Belgian Chocolate. The result is a taste of the world famous Mon Cherry praline.    
Tiramisu: The famous Italian desert comes alive in our gelato! The most important elements of this flavor are mascarpone, coffee, coco, and pieces of ladyfingers that are saturated in natural Amaretto flavor.    
Coconut: Made with Thai coconut cream; the perfect combination with our Chocolate gelato